A Story of Calling Part II

On Friday the 4th, Caitlin and I caravaned our two cars, two kids, and two dogs to Eugene, OR to join University Fellowship Church. We took turns passing each other on the way and she hit my car with a carrot stub and some sort of liquid, so it was basically a game of Mario Kart. The drive itself was…

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A Story of Calling

This past week, I accepted an offer to be the College Pastor at University Fellowship Church (UFC) in Eugene, OR. I will primarily oversee a thriving ministry called The Good Fight, which meets on the Univ. of Oregon campus. This was an unexpected development. As recently as two months ago, there wasn’t even a passing thought that Caitlin and I would…

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Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? A Pastoral Response

I recently studied the book of Hebrews with a group from my church and had to address the question, “Can a Christian lose their salvation?” Yes, this question opens the proverbial can of worms. But I think it is important to address because this is an evergreen issue that intersects with several absolute truth claims of Christianity: There is a…

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An ancient hand scripted Quran

A Christian Pastor Reads the Quran

I am a Christian pastor and I recently read the Quran. Yes, I’m writing to share that I read something. I’m also going to use three times as many words than usual to do so. Why? Because I have no editor or advertisers, so freedom of speech. Anyway, I set out to read it for two primary reasons: 1) General…

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On Heaven, Part Deux

As I watched the snow fall, I thought today would be a good day to expand on my last post on heaven (i.e. new heaven, new earth). Days like this are filled with nostalgia and wonder, and I feel they are the best to write on because my imagination is stirred up. I believe that without imagination heaven can be described…

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On Adam and Eve

This is Part III in a series of posts on the apparent conflict between Genesis and modern science. In Part I, we looked at what’s really causing the friction between faith and science. In Part II, I explained why I think the creation account in Genesis 1 is not making a scientific statement about the age of the universe. Now,…

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On Heaven

One of the most interesting and talked about subjects in American culture is the “afterlife,” specifically heaven. Who goes, who doesn’t, and what is it like? Sadly there are many misunderstandings, outright lies, or shallow ideas about heaven as book after book is pumped out on the subject (there are, however, good books as well). In America, we really seem…

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On Creation in Genesis

I recently wrote a brief post on why Christianity and science aren’t inherently at odds. Now I aim to explain why I think the beginning chapters of the Bible do not oppose (nor support) any particular scientific theory. But since there are so many internet monologues on this topic, and since my reasoning gets technical at times, I have asked famed…

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The Unnecessary War Between Christianity and Science

The 2016 election season was an unfolding spectacle of divisiveness. It probably would’ve been easier (and cheaper) to just take a knife and cut everything in America in half. But one of the less broadcasted duels provoked by the election was between faith and science. Never mind that President-elect Trump waged an “anti-science campaign” against Hillary’s failed “I believe in science” sloganeering. Neither of them…

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Here’s How the Panel on Race/Police/Media Went

This is Part III in a series chronicling the birth of a panel discussion on race/police/media (here is the original post that spawned it, and here is the story of its conception). It started as a 750-word opinion. It turned into much more. On Wednesday, Summit hosted a panel discussion on how the national race/police/media issues are affecting Reno/Sparks. The panel…

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