On Heaven, Part Deux

As I watched the snow fall, I thought today would be a good day to expand on my last post on heaven (i.e. new heaven, new earth). Days like this are filled with nostalgia and wonder, and I feel they are the best to write on because my imagination is stirred up. I believe that without imagination heaven can be described in very poor terms. (Although, this does not mean that heaven will be whatever you imagine it to be simply because you thought it).

So here are some thoughts I had as I meditated and prayed about heaven.

A Place for Everything

Do you ever go somewhere and see something that seems out of place? A restaurant or building with a color or shape that just doesn’t fit? Does it seem awkward or even ugly to look at? Heaven will not be like that at all. Picture yourself there. Every tree, every drop of water, every star, every color – it all fits. Everything in heaven is meant to be there. All of it has a place and all of it shows God’s glory in one beautiful picture, audibly and silently crying out that God is glorious!

Every animal and every horizon is perfectly fit into paradise. There is no uneasiness or ugliness. There are no fading or eroded structures of man, only beauty and complete and perfectly designed creation in harmony. This applies to the people there, too, which leads to my next point.


Like everything else in the new heaven and new earth, every person there belongs there. Every group, every tribe, every individual is meant to be there. That means if you are there you are absolutely meant to be there, haha! (I won’t use “lol” for this. It does no justice).

Let me use a story to explain this. Recently, I was at an Irish pub with friends when six or more musicians started playing beautiful Irish songs on string instruments. Suddenly, I felt a peace come over me. I was completely enamored by the music, the atmosphere, and the company. I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

In heaven, we will fully belong and not feel pulled anywhere else. We will not be distracted by stress or worry or a compulsion that we need to be somewhere else. We won’t be worried about work or deadlines or bills or burdens. Every conversation and every song and every dance of worship will be done in freedom from any misgivings, guilt, or worry, and done in an environment of being known and accepted. We will be completely present and grounded in our new world. We will be able to freely and completely engage with others and our world in security and delight. Completely connected and secured in our new existence, like the piece of a puzzle. We don’t just inhabit the new creation. We are a part of it as God’s intended image bearers.

This freedom to be free and feel called to exactly where we are in this new cosmos enables us to do something else…


With this freedom in heaven, we no longer have to do what we often do in this world – retreat. We often retreat or hide from stresses or worries or fear or pain.

We drug ourselves, binge eat, binge watch, or chase sex. Many of these things aren’t necessarily evil, but we gorge on them and we use them to hide or protect us from a misery in this world. But this is no longer necessary in heaven!

In heaven, we no longer have a threat to retreat from. All the great enemies and adversaries are gone and we will have peace! This frees us to advance and pursue instead of retreat. We will advance and pursue beauty in the new creation. We will pursue new tasks and ways to give God glory and know him more. We will advance in exploration. We will advance and pursue the one God we love, knowing he is there to receive us and that our pursuit is not the pursuit of a lost traveler but a child overwhelmed by joy, charging into the arms of their father. We will hug tighter and tighter as if we could be enveloped in his hug, lost in his glory and grace in a new heaven. What a beautiful and wonderful new existence!

Is heaven boring? Never! So let’s stop talking about it that way.

Peace be with you.

Servant Of God. Son of an immigrant. Husband of Jess. Dad of Maverick. Fan of C.S. Lewis, Scotch, and kickboxing.